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My First Photo.

Welcome to my first blog post. Hopefully you won't find it long and boring, so I'll keep it short and sweet.

This first blog will be about my first photo (Linked underneath). I took this photo back in 2019 while on holiday with my partner in sunny Spain. This is where I found my love for photography by accident. That is if you can like photography by accident.

Before I started to do photography, I used to think taking photos was boring and easy. Oh boy was I wrong. It all started in Spain. Me and my partner were walking around the beautiful towns around Spain and as tourists we took plenty of photos, mainly my partner at first. Then i gave it ago, saying i can get a better photo.

After that we started to have a little photo competition; we also started using Guru Shots. And one photo after another, I was getting hooked. So pretty much all of the holiday was us trying to capture the best photo we could.

But chasing the best photo hasn't stopped for me. I'm still looking for that perfect shot. Which for me is one of the best things about photography; it takes you places you might have never ended up being.

But anyways, like I said, i'll keep it short and sweet. Hope you like the photo!

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